Rail Freight Service

Freight forwarding by rail


A decision on basic conditions of delivery should be economically expedient and consider understanding of both parties to bear responsibility for delivery as well. When concluding a contract, it is important to determine the components of price of the good and the moment at which the Seller's obligations for the contract are considered complete. Upon decision on the basic conditions of delivery, transport costs are respectively calculated.
Periodically published International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS) contains detailed description of basic conditions of delivery. Now the Parties concluding the Agreement (Contract) use the 
"INCOTERMS-2000" to decide on basic conditions of delivery.

In rail freight traffic, the transport costs are based on the fare for operation of the federal railway infrastructure. The fare constitutes complete system of tariffs and charges for works and services carried out by railway during transportation. In this way, the InterRail Service has concluded direct agreement with CFTO RZD on payments for all costs of the railway transporting freight of our clients.

When transporting by sea, cost of transport may include sea freight, loading and unloading in port, charges for other port service.

In intermodal transportation, involving a few modes of transport through rate is applied which includes all components - rates for rail carriage and other modes, and additional service.

Cost of transportation calculated for the Client by the Forwarder includes rate/tariff for carriage 1 ton of freight (or 1 container) to be moved from dispatch station to destination and the Forwarder's commission as well.



To find the most suitable conditions of transportation, calculate and minimize transport costs, you can make a request to the Forwarder. Doing this the Client will receive a commercial offer including freight rate i.e. the tariff for carriage 1 ton of freight (or 1 container) from dispatch station to destination and the Forwarder's commission as well. If you are interested in the Forwarder's service only for the part of the route, you have to determine this in the Request. 
In addition to export, import and transit traffic the InterRail Service transports domestic freight from Zapadno-Sibirskaya, Krasnojarskaya, Moscow and other Railways.

For a long time the InterRail Service maintained close co-operation with the CIS Railways Administrations, forwarders in Europe and Asia. A high-skilled personnel of the firm has a good knowledge of freight transportation, special conditions, additional requirements and regulations in different countries. Rate calculation and consultations are complimentary.

InterRail Service arranges forwarding of rail freight in wagons, tank-cars and containers including ferry routes. It organizes freight transshipment in ports and at border stations, intermodal transportation involving water modes, transports oversize and extra oversize freight, provides insurance and freight movement control. Cost of service is calculated with considering all extra charges that can arise during freight transportation. For intermodal traffic, the InterRail Service will arrange transshipment and storage of freight in any CIS port and if required charter a vessel or dispatch freight on a line ship.


Request for transportation you may fill in here.