KTZ strengthens transit potential


KTZ strengthens transit potential

With numerous initiatives, the direction of KTZ is trying to enforce the development of goods flows via its national railway corridors.

With partners in Turkmenistan, joint consortiums are to be established to create regional transport logistics hubs. The cooperation with the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda is to be intensified. The volume of goods transported via the container block train “Saule” is to be increased. This train runs between Lithuania and Kazakhstan, with a connection, westwards, to EU and eastwards to China and other Central Asian countries. Plans foresee the integration of the KTZ’ reefer park and the terminal capacities of partner company VPA  Logistics at the port of Klaipeda as well as the formation of a joint company “Saule Logistics Solution”.  

In the near future, logistics solutions à la ‘rail-air’ are to be developed, too – solutions that connect rail freight traffic between China and Kazakhstan with air freight from Europe and Kazakhstan, and vice versa.

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